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A living Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing my employment history and professional accomplishments.

Derek Hrabal

Aurora, Colorado 80015 • Cell: 303-513-5104 •


Motivated, intelligent, ambitious self-starter with years of professional experience seeking a fulfilling career in Sales & Marketing

Work Experience

Greater Denver & Central Colorado Better Business Bureau                        

November 2018 – March 2020

Business Development Representative

  • Quota carrying individual contributor for sales team
  • Responsible for development, presentation, and implementation of plans for acquiring new business, greater market penetration, and new market development for BBB Accreditation in Denver & Boulder markets.
  • In 2019 was #1 on team for ability to consistently hit quota
  • Average size of sale 15% greater than team average
  • Utilized excellent cold call, email, time management, as well as written and verbal communication skills.

A Journey of 2 Lifetimes”                                                                                               

January 2017- November 2018

Adventurer, Traveler, and “Student of Life”

  • After closing the doors on the portion of my life dedicated to the Document Filter business unit, and experiencing the loss of my father, grandfather, and position at Lexmark. I elected to travel the country and experience life in an effort to find deeper meaning, and make myself a more well-rounded person.
  • During this time I held occasional seasonal or short-term employment with companies like Vail Resorts and Bar Louie. I can still make a stellar Martini for what it’s worth and I relish any opportunity to speak with people about their passions and hobbies.
  • Spent much quality time with family and in the great outdoors, all while maintaining a mortgage, good credit, and professional appearances.
  • Like any gap in employment, I’m reluctant to call much attention to this stage of my career. However, having maintained steady employment from the age of 15, through college, and up to this point in my career, I felt I had afforded myself the opportunity for this experience and my success in prior roles left me financially liberated to do so. These opportunities don’t present themselves much in life and we must seize them when we can.

Lexmark Enterprise Software  

April 2015- January 2017

Inside Partner Development Executive

  • In late 2014, due to increasing redundancies resulting from the mergers and an increased focused on the “direct” solutions, the Channel Marketing Director, as well as the VP, were terminated, the team was disbanded and I was assigned to report to the direct marketing manager, however my obligations to the channel sales team remained the same. Given the very apparent disconnect between current and prior leadership, miscommunication of expectations under marketing leadership, and the support I was receiving from Channel Sales leadership, I made the transition to the Channel Sales team as a Jr. Level Executive, focusing on ISVs and OEM opportunities where the prospect organization was sub $50 Million in annual revenue.
  • During my first six months in the new position on the channel sales team, I closed two deals (One net new and one restructuring) resulting in a one-time recognition of over $150K in annual revenue and over $40K in annual reoccurring revenue for the next 5 years, and achieving over 100% attainment on my 2H Quota. (An unprecedented feat for a new sales rep provided the typical 6-12 months sales cycle.)
  • During my second year, I sold another contract for $150k in annual licensing revenue, plus an additional $99k annually in support & maintenance.
  • My prior position was never back filled, and I was also expected to generate a fixed amount of opportunities for my more senior colleagues.
  • Primary focus on net new logo acquisition
  • Ran the full sales cycle – identification through post-close, contracts and all
  • Lead demonstrations onsite & remote for select prospects
  • Experienced with creatively sourcing companies outside of the CRM
  • Showcased proficiency in ability to strategically map out and break into accounts

Perceptive Software

July 2013 – April 2015

Channel Marketing Associate

  • One year into the Lexmark/Perceptive Merger, after a full re-branding of our solutions and establishing a name for myself as the subject matter expert for all things search and business development related, with an emphasis on channel sales, I was recruited by the Channel Marketing Director, previously of ReadSoft, to fill the void that resided in Perceptive’s Channel Marketing team as a resource capable of speaking intelligently to the Search portfolio. (Our VP of marketing elected to pursue a new opportunity at the time of acquisition and left us as a division without an adequate voice, internally & externally.)
  • Further developed scripts and presentations for educating internal & external stakeholders on channel offerings. This time across all channel product lines. This included a detailed project to create partner profiles, and effectively mapping out the channel ecosystem and the affiliated solutions we should be promoting, and how to promote them with each. (Example “Partner Profiles” would be Systems Integrators or SIs, Value Added Resellers or VARs, Application Developers or ISVs/OEM.)
  • This position allowed me to obtain a rich understanding of our partner network, while also gaining a better understanding of our Microsoft Dynamics Add-on Solutions, our snap-on ECM solutions for ERP environments, partner onboarding, and various reseller tiers.
  • Created and uploaded prospect lists for channel solutions using a variety of internet sources including Google and LinkedIn.
  • Held weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) training calls with a remote telemarketing team located in Cebu, Phillipines to help scale out the business development team and increase effectiveness of all channel campaigns.
  • Submitted quarterly budget reports to Director & VP for effective planning based on multi-team needs.
  • Took on project management responsibilities to oversee the development and creative of multiple email campaigns, trade show events, and webinars that required cooperation of various disparate internal resources. Largest campaign was a 12 week bi-weekly email campaign, with calls to action like whitepapers, and concluding in an interview with the VP of Engineering at our most recent technology partner, in anticipation for the upcoming LegalTech New York tradeshow. You can view the recorded version of that webinar here –

Perceptive Software

July 2012 – July 2013

Direct Marketing Associate

  • In March of 2012, it was announced that Perceptive Software, the software division of Lexmark International, Inc (NYSE: LXK), in an effort to build out their document-centric software portfolio and better position the company for the emergence of “Big Data” and SaaS based technologies.
  • In 2011, Lexmark sold products in more than 170 countries and reported more than $4 billion in revenue. Perceptive Software, the smaller and lesser known subsidiary, who’s flagship product was a content management solution known as ImageNow, was at the time aggressively acquiring complementary technology solutions with the intent of bringing to market a web-based technology product with “click-to-deploy” functionality in Enterprise Content Management, Document Viewing, OCR, Business Process Management, and more… The vision, “Regardless of your organizational data, what format it’s in, where it resides, or what systems you needed to access it in, Perceptive Software has the solution for your document-centric needs.”
  • Candidly, this is a very confusing time in my career. Quite frankly, I feel Perceptive’s leadership bit off a little more than they could chew, and lacking any significant experience in mergers & acquisitions for a company that just purchased 5 other technology companies, performed a very rushed and inefficient merger of the Perceptive, Nolij, ISYS, Brainware, ReadSoft, Acuo VNA, PacsGEAR, and Saperion, simultaneously.
  • Faced with all the typical challenges presented by a merger- ranging from forces of attrition, and disparate yet redundant systems, to steep learning curves, and esoteric agendas, much of the work I performed in this role remained dedicated toward the Enterprise Search division. That said, my portfolio of products had suddenly increased tenfold, and I now had a secondary focus of prospecting for any of the product lines across direct and indirect markets and across all verticals. Lacking any real support from corporate marketing on the search front, residing in Denver with the search unit, and encountering much internal resistance from leadership that did not understand the channel sale, I elected to continue supporting my search sales counterparts to the best of my abilities.
  • During this time I gained tremendous experience in Mergers & Acquisitions Best Practices, I became a became a voice and beacon of light for the Search Unit internally, and an advocate for channel sales. All the while, I heavily invested in continued education on the new Perceptive Software offerings.
  • Developed call scripts and presentations to help support greater generation of direct & channel search opportunities across search portfolio for internal & external stakeholders.

ISYS Search Software

December 2010July 2012

Business Development Coordinator

  • Shortly after graduating from University, I was recruited by the VP of Channel Sales and The President of ISYS Americas as a 1099 contractor, to assist with Channel Development for our OEM Product – “Document Filters”
  • In my first year I secured over 100 appointments with key decision makers (CEO’s, Presidents, VP Technology, CTO’s, VP Product Management, and Product Managers) at high-profile companies (IBM, SAP, EMC, and Symantec to name a few), across NA, EMEA, and APAC. These appointments later resulted in over $4M in revenue for the company. An unprecedented accomplishment at the time, this achievement netted me a full-time salaried position on the team.
  • Utilizing cold-calling and email campaigns, skilled in identifying Budget, Authority, Need, & Timelines, and with a knack for reaching decision makers, my primary role was demand generation and increasing brand recognition for our technology while aggressively displacing Oracle OutsideIn and HP/Autonomy’s KeyView implementations within “Content-Aware” applications across target markets.
  • In year two I would go on to outperform my year one metrics, generating over 200 qualified appointments for sales. Equivalent to another several million in recognizable revenue when the deals later closed.
  • As my proficiency and aptitude for the role became increasingly apparent, I became integral in the development and implementation of our channel strategy, working closely with marketing and channel sales leadership to create more effective campaigns. This included, market research into identifying target markets and the development of market specific messaging to application developers across eMail Archiving, Data Loss Prevention, Enterprise Content Management, eDiscovery, Data Analytics, and Search technology verticals.
  • Two-to-three times a year, we would shift our focus toward gorilla marketing campaigns in target rich environments such as annual technology user groups, trade shows, and expos throughout the country. I was heavily involved successful execution of these campaigns.


Metro State University of Denver • Denver, CO

Bachelor of Science Degree, Marketing • Graduated May 2010

Clifton High School • Clifton, NJ

High School Diploma • Graduated May 2005

Business Applications

MS Office Suite • • Google Analytics • WordPress • HubSpot • Google Mail •Eloqua •ExactTarget •BaseCamp •GoToMeeting •WebEx • Google Docs •MS Dynamics CRM, and more


•Prospecting •Bonding & Rapport •Lead Qualification •Up-Front Contracts •30 Second Commercials •Identifying Pain & Reasons for Doing Business •Identifying B.A.N.T. •Reversing •Negative Reverse Selling •Lead Management •Market Segmentation • SEO • Email Campaign Management •Networking •Value-based Message Authoring •Pipeline Generation •Event Planning •Contract Negotiation • Demonstrations •Contract Fulfillment


•Sandler Sales Trained • Power Positioning Trained • Excellent Verbal & Writing Skills •Highly Adaptable •Very Trainable •Money Motivated •Team Player •Handy •Friendly •Small Business Owner

References Available Upon Request ~

Published by dhrabal

For the better part of the last 10+ years I have been honing my skills in sales and marketing roles for business. I have experience working with companies of all sizes from small, mom & pop business, to large enterprise class fortune 500 firms. I strive to add value in all scenarios by helping to drive demand and understand consumer buying patterns.

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